Our Curriculum

Core subjects:

English and maths are taught discretely every morning, with additional sessions for the teaching of phonics or grammar, punctuation and spelling.


In Key Stage One, phonics is taught in small groups following the LCP programme.  A banded reading scheme called ‘Bug Club’, published by Pearson, is used throughout school (supplemented by Oxford Reading Tree) until children are confident ‘free readers’, at which point they are able to select from our well-stocked library.  Children from Year One to Year Six take part in weekly 'guided' reading sessions during which they develop their reading (decoding) and comprehension (understanding) skills and knowledge of the structure and feature of texts.


Children in Key Stage Two are taught grammar, punctuation and spelling within and in addition to the daily English lessons.  These follow the expectations for each year group, as published in the National Curriculum.

Children apply their growing knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to each piece of written work and they have regular opportunities to write within English and across the curriculum.


Mathematics is taught daily in all classes following the Lancashire Mathematics planning which links with the National Curriculum.  Children have regular opportunities to learn and practise a variety of mathematical skills including aspects of number, calculations, fractions, measurements, geometry and statistics.  They then apply their knowledge and skills to practical and real-life problems on a regular basis.

More information about our approach to the teaching of phonics and maths can be found by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Foundation subjects:

This year, we follow Lancashire's Scheme of work for our curriculum.  Each topic is designed to develop children’s curiosity, knowledge, sense of adventure, ambition, creativity, positivity, skills of self-reflection and their ability to work collaboratively.

Teachers actively plan opportunities for children to develop and apply their numeracy and literacy skills through the topics; there is a focus on these key skills in order to open up a world of opportunities and learning in other areas.

PE, French, music and RE are taught separately on a weekly basis.  We follow the Lancashire schemes of work for PE, music and RE and plan lessons using national curriculum objectives and drawing upon a wide range of resources for French.  All children benefit from PE lessons taught by specialist coaches each year.

We are constantly adjusting the curriculum to meet the aspirations of all stakeholders and we welcome parental involvement, particularly where there is specific expertise that will benefit the school.

Please click on the links below to find out about the topics taught in each year group or visit your child's class page within the Year Groups section of our website for more information.

If you wish to know anything more about our curriculum, you can email or telephone school.

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