English is taught discretely every morning, with additional sessions for the teaching of phonics or grammar, punctuation and spelling.


In Key Stage One, phonics is taught in small groups following the LCP programme.  A banded reading scheme called ‘Bug Club’, published by Pearson, is used throughout school (supplemented by Oxford Reading Tree) until children are confident ‘free readers’, at which point they are able to select from our well-stocked library.  Children from Year One to Year Six take part in weekly 'guided' reading sessions during which they develop their reading (decoding) and comprehension (understanding) skills and knowledge of the structure and feature of texts.


Children in Key Stage Two are taught grammar, punctuation and spelling within and in addition to the daily English lessons.  These follow the expectations for each year group, as published in the National Curriculum.

Children apply their growing knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to each piece of written work and they have regular opportunities to write within English and across the curriculum.


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