Whole School Curriculum


Mrs Stinchon and Mrs Clarke are our Whole School Curriculum Leaders

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Our School Vision

As a school community, we nurture pupils to become motivated and resilient so that they can attain their full potential, whilst encouraged to be curious and develop a life-long love of learning.  We understand that each pupil possesses unique qualities and, we seek to recognise their individuality and develop who they are in a safe, respectful and caring environment.  Here at Trawden, we aim for every child to acquire essential knowledge to become successful and this is firmly rooted in our ethos where ‘every child matters; every moment counts.’

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum takes advantage of the school’s unique resources and location and is built upon our high expectations for every child, which underpin all that we do in school: fostering independence and resilience. By focusing on questioning and reasoning, we develop children’s knowledge and strengthen the children’s ability to learn at a deeper level. This enables them to articulate their learning; demonstrating quality thinking and making meaningful links between their knowledge.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum objectives are based on the National Curriculum alongside our Progression document. Our curriculum aims are enriched with a wide range of opportunities and activities. Some of the activities are specifically chosen by the pupils each year and these make up the Bucket List for each year group. The Bucket List activities demonstrate progression in learning, allowing pupils to follow their own lines of enquiry and work independently. Running alongside this, the pupils also have a voice in creating a Book-et list of books which they aspire to read during the academic year. In order to make the most of our local area and outdoor environment, we have developed our own Forest School Progression document which enables our pupils to develop confidence, creativity and independence, whilst contributing to their social emotional learning.

Our curriculum has been developed to encourage pupils to build on previous learning and through stimulating, language-rich environments, broaden their vocabulary. Pupils have wider opportunities through workshops, visits and visitors to enhance their learning. At the same time, staff demonstrate high expectations of pupils who are encouraged to ask big questions, explain their reasoning which helps to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

At Trawden, we build the talents in our pupils and actively encourage them to have high aspirations to fulfil their potential. Our older pupils follow the Raising Aspirations programme through which, they aim to recognise their aspirations for the next step in their learning journey. The Primary Futures, Raising Aspirations Programme is part of our commitment to the enrichment of pupils’ academic lives. It connects our pupils with inspirational, diverse volunteers from a range of careers, who show how what they are learning at school can lead to an interesting, exciting future.

At Trawden, we ensure that our Subject leaders have high expectations and support staff in the implementation of each subject. They consistently monitor and evaluate the progression of skills and standard of work by discussions with teachers and pupils, scrutiny of pupils’ work and reviewing data and other evidence of learning. This information is regularly fedback to staff, governors and parents through Subject Reports and formal reports to parents.

Curriculum Impact

At Trawden, we focus on engaging all learners and ensure that they develop their detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum. We capture learning through work, observations and photographs, which are displayed alongside pupils work and through floorbooks. 

Staff have had training to use effective questioning techniques to develop higher order thinking skills and they encourage pupils to question themselves and demonstrate their reasoning. In lessons, staff provide opportunities for study but we strive to provide as many recall and application activities as possible to support the retention of knowledge and understanding.

We have subject leaders who oversee, develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their subject within school across all year groups. They communicate their evaluations through a Subject Situation Report to Governors annually and review the impact of their actions through the action planning process. Staff are committed to delivering high-quality, learning experiences throughout the curriculum and Support Staff have developed their strengths in order to further enhance the quality of learning. Our curriculum feeds pupils’ curiosity, breaks down gender stereotypes and opens pupils’ eyes to future possibilities.

Curriculum Long Term Overviews


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