23 January 2024

Image of Year 4 sets sail with 'Float'!

Ahoy there parents and guardians! We are thrilled to announce that our fantastic Year 4 pupils have embarked on an exciting new English unit called 'Float' by Daniel Miyares. 

To kick off this thrilling literary journey, our imaginative students had a hands-on experience in the classroom by crafting their own paper boats during today's lesson!  They were given the opportunity to explore the picture instructions within the text without any guidance to see how far they could navigate their creations all on their own. 

Now, since life isn't always smooth sailing, it's no surprise that the majority of our intrepid explorers faced some obstacles during their initial attempts. But fear not! Thanks to their resolute determination and a little guidance, they were able to overcome the challenges and build some absolutely fantastic paper boats! 

We can sense the excitement bubbling up among our Year 4 sailors, as many of them couldn't resist the temptation to take the floaty fun home with them. Some children took the learning home and have been busy creating even more paper boats outside of the classroom, eagerly anticipating how these little vessels might come into play within the story. What adventures lie ahead? We can't wait to find out! 

Tags: Class of 2026 English