10 February 2022

Image of Year 2 have been baking!

As part of our class Bucket List and Children's Mental Health Week children in Year 2 have been baking! Yesterday, we were super lucky and got to have a private baking tutorial with our wonderful school cook, Jayne! The children were super excited to make their own cupcakes from scratch. 

They listened to Jayne's instructions and were able to answer her questions about the ingredients. The children mixed, poured, whisked and scooped out the cake mixture into buns... Luckily for them, the washing up was left to the adults! 

This morning, Jayne prepared some icing sugar in small bowls for the children to use on their cakes. Afterwards, they could design and add whichever sprinkles they wanted. 

Finally... The children had the choice to eat them before break or save them for a loved one at home... Congratulations if you were one of the lucky ones to receive a cupcake. 

Baking with Jayne

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