25 May 2021

On Tuesday reception completed another Bucket List activity by going on safari.

We didn't have to travel far though, because the animals we were hoping to spot were very small and local to our area - we had a Minibeast Safari!

In the morning we searched our outdoor area for minibeasts and used a Minibeast Hunt sheet to tick off what we found.  We also made caterpillars using felt, pompoms and other materials.  In provision, the children played a ladybird counting game, made minibeasts out of construction sets, read minibeast books and explored minibeast habitats in small world.

After lunch we went to Forest School to continue our hunt.  The children became experts at knowing in which places to look for different minibeasts and found a wide range from shiny, black beetles to slugs of every colour.  We were very impressed to find flatworms, tiny, green caterpillars and an impressive centipede.

We all had a go at worm charming with Seth, Jade and Louie the winners.

Tags: Science Class of 2027 EYFS