26 February 2021

Image of Year 1 Marvellous Maracas!

Year 1 have had a marvellous musical time this week both in school and at home creating their own maracas and forming their very own band!

We followed Starry Eyed Stan’s instructions to make our own maracas. We used empty bottles and then chose either pasta or rice to fill them. We then tested out the different sounds they made depending on how much was in them and how we shook them. We enjoyed using our maracas to join in with lots of different songs including the songs in our Rock Kidz assembly.

We discussed the meaning of the word ‘composer’ and looked at our timeline. We noticed that Vivaldi composed songs around the same time as the Great Fire of London. We decided to find out a little bit more about him and his music. We used our maracas to join in with one of his pieces of music called ‘Spring’.


It was a lot of fun!



Tags: Class of 2026 Music Design Technology PSHE