5 February 2021

Image of Year 6 Mini Masterclass gets stylish!

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Evie and Jamie led us in a creative masterclass on hair styling. Evie demonstrated how to style hair back of the face and how to use hair straighteners safely whereas Jamie demonstrated a 'lockdown hairstyle' using water and gel. Both children demonstrated confidence in presenting and the team were impressed with the end results too!

‘I’ve learned that before the zoom, I was nervous but as soon as I started presenting, I started to feel more confident. When the team were asking questions, it made me feel that I’d done well as they were interested in what I was doing. I don’t think I’ll be as nervous next time I present something.’ Evie B

When I 'volunteered' to do the hair masterclass for the boys in the team,  I was really nervous but as soon as I started to joke about my ‘bad’ hair, I felt relieved. I really enjoyed it because I like to style my hair and giving people different ways to style their hair makes me feel that I’ve done something good and made an impact.’ Jamie T

Tags: PSHE