23 February 2024

Image of Year 4 - UV Benchball

Our Year 4 children recently took part in a thrilling UV Benchball competition against other local schools, and they absolutely rocked it! 

In a series of adrenaline-packed matches, our talented bunch played a total of 5 games. And guess what? They triumphed in 3 games, drew 1, and narrowly lost just 1! 

But here's the best part – our spectacular performance earned us a joint first place in the overall standings! It's safe to say that our Year 4 team truly gave it their all, showcasing remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the competition. 

The theme for this extraordinary event was "Respect," and our children embodied it brilliantly. They not only impressed everyone with their sporting skills but also demonstrated great respect towards their opponents, coaches, and the game itself. Such a fantastic display of values! 

Now, let's talk about our secret weapon – the UV facepaint!  Our fearless warriors transformed themselves with vibrant UV facepaint, adding an extra touch of excitement to their performance. They truly stood out both on and off the court, embracing the spirit of the competition and having a blast! 

We couldn't be prouder of our Year 4 children for their outstanding efforts and achievements. Let's give them a round of applause and celebrate their success together! 

Tags: PE & Sport Class of 2026