23 February 2024

Image of Year 1 and 4 embrace the great outdoors!

What a muddy, marvellous day it was at our school's first forest school session for Year 1 and 4, this half term! 

Despite the challenging weather, the children demonstrated their resilience and enthusiasm throughout the session. They embraced the opportunity to utilise the natural materials around them, crafting incredible creations that highlighted their artistic talents. 

Of course, with such rainy conditions, the mud proved to be an irresistible challenge! Some of our eager children (and even one teacher!) got stuck in the mud, resulting in some truly memorable and messy moments. Mud-covered clothes aside, the laughter and excitement were contagious! 

We are incredibly proud of our students for embracing this outdoor adventure, pushing their boundaries and flourishing in the face of obstacles. 

Tags: Class of 2026 Forest School Class of 2029