9 February 2024

Image of Year 4 - Water Safety Swimming Lesson

During their recent swimming lesson, our wonderful Year 4 students jumped right into the important topic of water safety. They were all prepared with their swimming kits and had an additional challenge of wearing pyjamas on top! 

Our expert swim instructors emphasized the dangers of open water and taught them the three main ways to provide help when someone is in danger. And boy, did our little heroes excel at it! 

Here are the 3 essential techniques they honed:

1 - Use Your Voice: Encourage the person in danger to swim towards safety. A powerful voice can make a huge difference in boosting their confidence! 

2 -  Lend a Hand: Lie flat and extend a long object, like a stick, to help pull them back to safety. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

3 -  Float to Safety: Throw something that floats, like a life ring, to provide immediate support until help arrives. Quick thinking and resourcefulness can save lives! 

Our brilliant Year 4 students had the chance to practice all three techniques with one another, ensuring they understand how to react in emergency situations. 

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing!  Removing their soaking wet pyjamas afterwards certainly made for a soggy but unforgettable experience! 

We are immensely proud of our Year 4 students for their enthusiasm, focus, and commitment to water safety. As always, their safety and well-being remain our top priority! 

Tags: PE & Sport Class of 2026