27 November 2023

Image of What is our New English Unit?

Unveiling the Mysterious Metal...

Today, our students were presented with an intriguing challenge: to decipher the connection between a collection of saucepans and our upcoming English unit. 

After much contemplation and lively debates, many ventured into the realm of cooking-based literature. However, their guesses took a delightful twist when we explored the characteristics of the metal itself. 

Delving deeper into the world of descriptive vocabulary, our students honed their skills in articulating the qualities of metal objects. What a splendid opportunity to expand their linguistic prowess!

Unveiling the Chalked Mystery...

Taking their learning outdoors, the students were greeted with a striking chalk drawing of the enigmatic main character from our new literary journey. Who could it be? 

Guided by thought-provoking questions, our bright minds pieced together the clues, until it finally clicked! Our next English unit will revolve around the incredible masterpiece The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 

Tags: Class of 2026 English