18 January 2023

Today, Year 4 continued to focus on learning coding using FMSLogo. 

They planned out a capital letter using straight lines and 90 degree turns before creating the code on paper. For example to make a C, the code for FMS Logo would be "LT 90 FD 100 LT 90 FD 200 LT 90 FD 100" 
This means -> Face left, move forward 100 pixels, turn 90 degrees left (to face down), move forward 200 pixels, turn 90 left, then move forward 100 pixels again. 

----- X (Start here)




----- X(end here)

Once they created the code, they entered this on the computers, debugging any errors which arose before completing their letters. 

Take a look at their fantastic work. 


Tags: Class of 2025 Computing