3 December 2021

This afternoon, PCSO Karen and PCSO Natasha (the school's current local PCSO officers) visited our class. The children were brimming with questions about their roles, responsibilities and all things law and order! Both Natasha and Karen answered questions and shared about how they can help us for around an hour! We discussed the age of criminal responsibility as well as always trying our best to do the right thing whether that is at home, in the community or at school. They were both blown away with how polite and inquisitive the class were. We're really thankful for their visit, and they are both welcome back at any time.

PCSO Karen and PCSO Natasha also had a sneak preview of our KS1 children practising their nativity. They thought the children sang their hearts out and wish they could watch more.

You should always call 999 in an emergency, you can also report a crime or incident using 101.

You can also use https://doitonline.lancashire.police.uk/ to contact the Lancashire Constabulary to report crimes or to contact an officer.


Tags: Class of 2023 PSHE