17 November 2021

Year Five had a busy Forest School session this afternoon. Firstly, they worked in partners on an autumnal scavenger hunt. They located and identified twigs from the species of trees within the forest school area, as well as rowan berries, acorns and 'leaves with teeth'!

After that, the whole class collaborated to create the word 'unite' out on the field. This word is our 'One Kind Word' during this Anti-Bullying week. They mostly used natural resources to create their work. 

Some of the children said;

"It was great to work as one big team. We don't always get the chance to do that."

"Most of the time I only work with my friends I hang around with, so it was great to work with everyone."

"I felt like a part of the class."

'Team leaves' and 'team berries' (the sub-groups the children devised to collect natural materials) united together to create one big masterpiece!

With some expert whittling completed in the Forest School Classroom with Miss Gallagher thrown in for good measure, this made for an uplifting and strengthening afternoon for our class team.