8 September 2021

On Monday, just after Mrs Stinchon told the school about the dragon that landed on the school field, Year 2 Rowan received a delivery from the office. Miss Ridehalgh informed us that an elderly gentleman (Professor Green) with white scruffy hair and long nose hair had dropped off this crate for us. 

Professor Green had written a note to say he had been digging huge tunnels in Rivendell (which the children know is far away... but not too far and you can get there by boat, train or car), when he found something super valuable, but needed our help to examine it. However, he forgot to send the tools to open the crate, so we had to predict what could be inside using his clues... 

Luckily, on Tuesday the tools arrived and we opened the crate to discover the most beautiful dragon egg we had ever seen! We CAREFULLY passed the egg around so that it didn't crack. We started to use many different adjectives to describe the egg as much as we could... I wonder when it will hatch???

Take a look at some of our photos! 

Tags: Class of 2026