11 March 2021

We all had a great morning learning about mental health. We learned what mental health is, how it can change over time and how it has an important role within our lives. We now know what it means to be a mental health champion for ourselves and for each other. This involves five skills and five qualities. We created calm jars, shared good thoughts in a back to back role play and used 'straw breathing' to help send bubbles back to the front of the class, The children loved that! Right at the end, the children loved searching under their seat for a prize! Jessica found a badge under her seat, and everyone cheered!

I liked making the calm jars as it was amazing to see how they actually turned out. I'm going to make one at home! Harry
I enjoyed making the calm jars, the bubbles activity... pretty much everything really as it made me realise that there is a lot going on up there in our minds and how we need to take care of our mental health. Conrad.
I liked making the calm jars as it made me feel calm. Elise
I now know what mental health is and how we should be aware of it. Kara
I learned a lot but I learned to always believe in myself, never give up and stay strong. Ashleigh
I have learned to tell an adult if anyone is getting bullied. Annie-Mae.

Thank you to Elsie from One Goal who came and ran our Mental Health Champions Workshop this morning. Year Five are all mental health champions!
Look out for us spreading the message and being great role models around school. We are really passionate about spreading this message, but we are working on lots of socially distanced ways to do this.
Well done Year Five!

Certificates to follow!

Tags: Class of 2022 PSHE