10 January 2020

Image of Year 6 - Go Velo!

 All of the Year Six children took part in a bike ability cycling course all the way to Park High School on Thursday 9th January. We all did a mini-activity course to see how well we could ride.  We took it in turns to go on a ride; one group stayed at school and read maps and one went to ride their bikes. Then it was swapped around so that we all had a go at the large ride! A lot of people were happy to ride on and around roundabouts (that was fun, but hard too) accompanied by a trained professional cyclist. We took part in a map reading lesson to find out how to read maps, read where we were going and we even did a fun and exciting challenge, where on our table groups we found our favourite symbol on a map and found out the co-ordinates of that symbol, then we guessed what symbol other groups had chosen. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all. Most of us reached level three and we are all proud of it. I am proud of myself for working hard to do our ride and I’m proud of everyone else too! I really enjoyed Go Velo’s stay, and everybody else did too! I miss doing it and would enjoy doing it again!

By Izzy (Year 6)


As a class we took part in a bike ability cycling course. On Thursday 9th January most of us road on public roads under the supervision of trained instructors we had two groups one learning maps one riding bikes we switched over. map reading was a good exercise too. We all had an amazing time at the end they told us we did a good job for passing level 3. My favourite bit was the Colne tram tracks it was exciting I wish we could do it every Thursday. I was proud of myself and every one for passing level 3.I think they had a great time as well I think it was worth it as well it was unexpected but better than I thought. I miss go velo right now. I was scared at how busy some roads got but I believed in myself like most people did and were encouraging each other on.

By Maisie (Year 6)

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