Welcome to Year 5 

This year we have 27 wonderful, hard working, smart and responsible Year 5s taught by Mrs Dixon and Mrs Grimshaw. They are  supported by Mrs Stansfield and Miss Ridehalgh. We have got so many fun and exciting things planned for this year.  On Move Up Day in the Summer Term, the children voted for their Bucket List of experiences and activities they wanted to enjoy over this academic year. 

Year 5 Bucket List
  • Create a play about space
  • Create a recipe book and sell to make money for charity
  • Make a BIG animal display
  • Go on a residential visit
  • Make dens
  • Hold a Greek Day
  • Make our teachers into Mummies!
  • Invent and make something to make our lives better
  • Have a creative day
  • Do different enterprise/sponsored events throughout the year to raise money for the residential. 

We also have a list of books that it is suggested we try and read this year, in class and at home.

Year 5 Book Bucket List 

Beowulf – Michael Morpurgo

Outlaw – Michael Morpurgo

Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

The Railway Children – E Nesbitt

Eragon – Christopher Paolini

The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster

The Skullduggery Pleasant Series – Derek Landy

Wolf Brother – Michelle Paver

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen – Alan Garner

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis




Academic Year 2017/180

Welcome to Year 5!

This year, we have 27 wonderful children in Year 5 and are supported by the amazing Mrs Sims. During the Summer term of 2017, we met with the children to find out what learning experiences they would like whilst in Year 5. After much deliberation and voting, the children decided on their top ten. This top ten created a 'Bucket List' which was incorporated into Topic planning over the year. 

Year 5 Bucket List

  1. Climb a tree- completed
  2. Build a shelter- completed
  3. Build a bird house/feeding table
  4. Mentor a younger child- completed (ongoing)
  5. Raise money for a local charity- completed (Pendleside Hospice and Martin House)
  6. Enter a competition- completed
  7. Build a large structure out of natural materials- completed
  8. Bake for a special occasion- completed
  9. Look after a class pet- completed
  10. Dress up as a historical character

So far, we have completed eight out of ten experiences from our Year 5 Bucket List and are planning to do the remaining activities during the Summer term. We plan to add photos to our Class page every time we complete an activity so keep watching for updates.

If you have any queries or comments, or feel you can support with our Bucket List or contribute to our topic enrichment, please do get in touch with me at cclark@trawden.lancs.sch.uk


Mrs Clark

Coldwell Year 5 Residential 2018

Let's Go Greek!

Year 5 - World Book Day

To Infinity and Beyond! Our Class Assembly, planned and presented by the talented children in Class 5, February 2018.

Year 5 - Reaching to Infinity and Beyond

This half term, we have been learning all about Space and the Solar System. The children planned their own class assembly, which they performed to the school, Parents, Carers and Grandparents. The assembly included: imoves, factual presentations, Multi-Media presetation, in addition to a dance and comedy play, all independently written by the children. We were very proud of their acheivements and their confidence in speaking in front of an audience. Well done year 5- Top Team!

Building Space Shelters

Forest School- Willow Winter Wonderland

Forest School - Willow Planets

We enjoyed our first Forest School session in the snow! We explored the field and identified which trees were willow. We then carefully cut the green 'whips' to bend, twist and shape into circles. We learned that the green whips were more flexible than the brown ones because they were full of sap and they were green because they contained the pigment, Chlorophyl. Once we had shaped several circles, we joined them using smaller whips and clear twine to create galactic spheres, like the planets we had been learning about in our topic on space. We then enjoyed creating spheres out of snow!

Bucket List - Fundraising for a Local Charity

During our topic on Ancient Egypt we designed and made a range of artefacts for sale at our Topic Challenge Event. We were able to raise £150 for Pendleside Hospice and £20 for Martin's House Hospice! We look forward to fulfilling more of our Bucket List throughout the year...

Year 5 - Bucket List - Fundraising for a Local Charity

Tomb Raiders Topic Work

Reading Buddies

We are Reading Buddies with Year 2. We hear them read every week and ask them questions about what they have read. We enjoy mentoring them with their reading and encouraging them to sound out unfamiliar words. The sessions have allowed us to pass on our enthusiasm for Reading.

Year 5 - Liverpool Museum

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