Welcome to Reception!


Academic year 2018-19

This year we have 19 amazing children starting in Reception supported by the fantastic Mrs. McGowan.  We have lots of exciting learning activities and experiences planned for the year ahead but we will also be led by the children's interests where possible to ensure the learning is meaningful.


Remember to check back regularly to see what we have been learning about.

Booket List of Ten Amazing Books!

This year we have decided to create a list of amazing books we would like the children to read and share with you.

Here is Reception’s book bucket list of top ten texts:

  1. The Gruffalo- Julia Donaldson
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar- Eric Carle
  3. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt- Michael Rosen
  4. Owl Babies- Martin Waddell & Patrick Benson
  5. The Tiger Who Came to Tea- Judith Kerr
  6. Peace at Last- Jill Murphy
  7. Not Now Bernard- David McKee
  8. Pumpkin Soup- Helen Cooper
  9. The Jolly Postman- Allan Ahlberg
  10. On the Way Home- Jill Murphy

Enrichment Bucket List

We have created a list of fun, exciting, adventurous activities we would like to complete throughout the year.

Make hand prints
Climb a tree
Build a snowman
Make playdough
Easter egg hunt
Make a sweet shop
Dig up a dinosaur
Have a pirate party
Hunt for minibeasts

General Housekeeping...

  • Please remember to return your Tapestry Online Learning Journal permission slips so that you can securely access your child's own observations at home from October 2018.
  • Please ensure all book bags, coats, jumpers, P.E. kits, snack or lunch bags and water bottles are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 


Many parents have not yet accessed the Tapestry online learning Journal to see what their children have been doing in school.  All activation codes that have not been used have now expired.  if you wish to access Tapestry please send your e-mail address to Mrs Alcock and a new activation code will be sent.


Mud Monsters!

We love mud!

This mornings heavy showers meant for a mudtastic Forest School session.  We paddled in it, jumped in it, poked sticks in it, lost boots in it, stuck our hands in it and even painted our faces with it!

Like I said - We love mud!

Mud Monsters

Toys from the Past

This morning we had a visitor from Craven Museum who brought in some special toys for us to look at.  We showed her our toys and talked about what they could do.  Then we looked at some toys that children would have played with a long time ago.  We met a teddy bear who was 100 years old.  Mrs Alcock said that was even older than her!  Then we saw a doll with a ceramic face who was even older - 150 years.  Some toys like 'Pick-up-Sticks' and 'Snakes and Ladders' were the same as we have now.  She let us play with some of the toys in class.  Mrs Alcock couldn't tiddle her wink but she was very good at making the top spin.

Toys from the past

Tiny Chicks

This morning our friend Norman brought some surprise visitors to our class - four tiny chicks!  Even though the eldest was a week old and had quite a few feathers they were very small and easily fit into our hands.  Norman told us all about the chicks, how they were a very small breed of chicken and what they would look like when they grow up.



Little Buttercups

This week we had even more visitors.  Some friends from Little Buttercups nursery cam to join us in our Forest School session.  We looked for different kinds of food that the mouse in the Gruffalo story would like to eat, we explored the long grass and even built a car!


Little Buttercups

Stay and Play

This week we invited our parents to come and join the fun.  We showed them how we learn phonics and how we are beginning to learn how to read and write.  Then we took our parents with us as we went to choose our learning.  There were lots of fun phonic activities to do as well as our favourite toys and resources.


Stay and Play

Fun in the Sun

We made the most of the beautiful, sunny weather and decided to try some different outdoor games on the junior playground.  We tried walking on bucket stilts, jumping in and out of hoola hoops and invented lots of fun games using a parachute.  Some children even took to the stage - making up and performing their own songs and dances!

Fun in the Sun


Blossom Tree Visitors

Reception welcomed some special visitors this week. Some of the pre-school children from Blossom Tree Nursery came to join us in our Forest school session.  First we read The Gruffalo and talked about what kinds of creatures might live in our forest.  Then we went to the field to look for clues.  We worked well with the nursery children and some of our Year 6 buddies and had lots of fun. We found rabbit holes, spider webs and mouse homes. Everybody had a wonderful time and we can't wait for our new friends to visit us again.

Blossom Tree Visit

Buddies Forest Session

Today we went to the forest with our Year 6 buddies.  It was very exciting!  We collected sticks and interesting objects and used them to make our own mobiles or dream catchers.  Our buddies showed us how to tie sticks together and helped us to attach things to them.  We were very proud of our creations.  We can't wait for next week!

Forest with buddies


Maths Week

Reception have had lots of fun learning about numbers during Maths Week. 
We have completed number jigsaws, counted sets of objects and played counting games in the whiteboard. 
In PE we did different numbers of actions and made groups with different numbers of people. 
We sang counting songs and made our own number fish to catch. 

Maths week

Sporting Fun

We have enjoyed our first PE sessions outside.  We are becoming experts at getting changed already.  We enjoy playing games where we move in a lot of different ways.  We played a partner game where we had to copy the movements of our partner and Giants and Elves moving with big or tiny footsteps.

PE Fun

First Forest School session

Today we had our first taste of the forest - despite the weather.  It was amazing!!!

We made a shelter using branches and leaves, explored secret dens and hidden passages and enjoyed squelching in the mud!

I think this may become our favourite part of the week.

First Forest school


Roald Dahl Day

We were very excited about dressing up for Roald Dahl Day.  We had children called Matilda, Amanda, James and Charlie in class as well as a few foxes and even two crocodiles.  Mrs Alcock said she wasn't a witch but she kept her gloves on all day and kept holding her nose.

We enjoyed hearing about the horrible Twits and how the monkeys and birds tricked them.  We made our own Mr Twit beards with messy hair and bits of food stuck in it.

Mr Twit


Reception Buddies

Today we met our Year 6 buddies for the first time.  They took us on a tour of the school and then played outside with us.  

Meeting Buddies


Meet the New Faces

We all enjoyed our first day at big school today.  We met our new teachers, explored inside and outside and made some new friends.  We all got along very well and at home time no-one wanted to leave!

Reception First Day

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