This year, we will beginning our journey into Key Stage Two. I hope to keep you all updated with our life at school on this page throughout the year, so make sure to check back regularly.

Year 3 Back to School

Please take a look at our class' bucket list of activities. 

Year 3 Bucket List

1. Write to another school
2. Make food to take home
3. Make a giant iron man
4. Create seed bombs
5. Enter a competition
6. Explore our local area of Trawden
7. Make a volcano
8. Make Roman armour then have a battle
9. Visit Wycoller
10. Write a letter to the Queen or someone famous.

Please feel free to arrange a meeting with me if you have any queries or concerns. Alternatively, you can email me at:

Mr Burnley

This Year


Year 3 Coming Soon





Academic Year 2017-18

Roman Historian Visit

Year 3 - Trawden Walk

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