Our vision is that the teaching and learning of the PE and sport becomes an embedded culture where the child can progress and develop in all personal, social, cognitive and physical aspects and fundamentally enjoy being active.


For many years, children at Trawden have enjoyed and celebrated the involvement of a vast range of sports and sporting events from highly competitive to taking part for the fun and enjoyment of it. All children are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and know that their efforts will be appreciated and praised whatever the outcome. With this ethos we see most of the children in school taking part in sport at some point and many taking part on a very regular basis, making sport a life choice. The funding provided is helping us to maintain and improve the sporting opportunities for our children.

PE Information

If you would like to know more about sport at our school, please contact Mr Irvine wirvine@trawden.lancs.sch.uk




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