Arrangements for opening in September 2020


Children's belongings

We need to limit items being carried backwards and forwards between home and school.

Your child may only bring into school:-

  • a packed lunch (if they are not having a school meal)
  • a named water bottle
  • a coat for outdoor play
  • reading book on their allocated day 

All resources required for their schoolwork will be provided in school. Each child will have a pencil pot with all their equipment in which they will need. Classes will only use equipment in their rooms and no equipment will be shared.

Please do not send any additional items into school.  

Reading books are going to be sent home again and we feel it is very important that the children read as much as possible. Books will be changed – details for each class will be on the individual class newsletter.

Reading books will then be quarantined before they will able to be used again. 

Children will also receive homework planned by the class teacher and will be set on Seesaw.


Class bubbles

Due to the continued requirements for social distancing, school in September will carry on maintaining class distancing between year groups.  Classes will stay in year group bubbles.  The year groups will be in a classroom of their own and will ensure there is space between the children whilst they are in class.  2 children will share a table but use their own equipment which is marked so other children cannot use it.  Children will be given a place in class which is only for them. They will have a tray to keep any belongings in but bringing resources in from home MUST be kept to the approved items. 

Children will not share resources between classes. 

The year groups will be supported by specified staff.  The children will not be able to mix and the staff will only support one group.  The children will be supported by a class teacher and a teaching assistant.

Year groups will be timetabled to have play time outside and will not mix with other year groups during that time. 

Movement within school will be timetabled and monitored to ensure that only one group of children is moving within an area in school at any one time.

Lunchtime will also be staggered so that the children maintain social distancing from other classes. 

In addition to playtime, all groups will have the opportunity to have learning time outside.  This may take a variety of forms and you will be informed when this will take place. 


School Uniform

All children will be expected to wear full school uniform and black school shoes (NO tall or ankle boots and NO trainers) when we return in September – our uniform list is on the website. All children will need a school coat that will be kept on their peg. The guidelines state we can resume PE lessons but not contact sports. Therefore, each child will need to bring their PE kit in to school and this will stay on their peg as normal. PE will be done outside as much as possible – please remember outdoor PE kit is white t shirt, black trainers and black leggings / joggers. All classes will be learning in our Forest School too this half term so they will need appropriate footwear and clothing for this.


Cleaning and hygiene

Cleaning within school will be continuous. Sanitiser is available at all entrances. The children will be washing their hands frequently throughout the day.  In addition, all classrooms will have access to hand sanitiser.  Cleaning staff will clean door handles, handrails, sinks and toilet areas throughout the day.  When any group is outside their classroom will be cleaned – all desks, chairs, door handles and sink areas will be cleaned.

Wherever possible, doors and windows will be left open to ensure thorough ventilation throughout school, however exterior doors will remain closed for security reasons and the opening of any interior doors will be reviewed for fire safety, safeguarding and social distancing impact.

Government advice indicates that if social distancing is maintained and hygiene advice is followed, there is no needs for staff and pupils in school to wear PPE (personal protective equipment).  We have arranged a supply of PPE equipment to be used in the event that a child becomes unwell within school and Covid-19 is suspected.  In that case staff caring for your child until they are collected from school will wear appropriate PPE in order to protect themselves and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Up to date guidance will then be followed.

The following procedures have been put into place for all children and adults:-

  • Frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. This is completed throughout the day, when using the bathroom, before and after eating and after sneezing or coughing.
  • Hand sanitiser is used on entering the building and is available for use in all areas of school.
  • All children and adults are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose.
  • Use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’).
  • Ensure that help is available for children and young people who have trouble cleaning their hands independently.
  • Consider how to encourage young children to learn and practise these habits through games, songs and repetition, this will also be a part of PHSRE lessons. All staff will insist that all children are washing hands.
  •  Ensure that bins for tissues are emptied throughout the day.
  • Cleaning rotas are maintained through out the day and all touch points are frequently cleaned.
  • All rooms/classrooms should be well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening windows).
  • All doors are open, where safe to do so (bearing in mind fire safety and safeguarding), to limit use of door handles and aid ventilation.
  • All cleaning equipment is audited so that school has enough to use.
  • PPE is provided for use if needed.


Arriving at and leaving school

The safety of the children, staff and parents are a priority at school and as a result a number of measures are to be implemented at the start and end of the school day:

In order to keep congestion to a minimum and to enable social distancing only one adult per family can bring their child/children onto the school grounds. We will still be operating a one-way system onto and off the yard.

School playground gates will open at 8.45am. The bottom KS1 gate will be the way onto the school yard for YR Y1 Y2 Y3. Off Dean Street through the side gate will be the way onto the KS2 yard for Y4 Y5 Y6.

 The top KS2 gate will be the exit off the school yard. Once in the yard, parents will be responsible for social distancing themselves and their children. Children are not to play before or after school on the yard.

When they arrive they must go to the allocated area for their class to line up. Each class teacher will meet their children at the designated entrance door for (see the chart below). When leaving school children will be brought out by their class teacher to meet their parent. We do recognise that some families will have more than one child at school and therefore will have different collection and drop off spaces and times but please try to stick to the allocated times and locations we have designated in order to enable social distancing and keep everyone as safe as possible.

If you are late for your designated starting time or collection time and the door is closed you must come to the main entrance to drop off or pick up your child. You will be expected to ring the buzzer and wait on the steps. You will be responsible for undertaking appropriate social distancing. Unfortunately, until further notice, parents will not be allowed to access the school building. If you have a message about your child or need to update any details please ring the school office and we will pass on the information.


Reception Class - Key Information

Teacher: Mrs Alcock

Teaching Assistants: Mrs McGowan and Mr Lomax

Enter school in the morning: 9.00am EYFS play area bottom gate then via Reception class external door

Collection after school: 3.30pm Reception class external door then EYFS play area bottom gate


Year 1 Class - Key Information

Teachers: Mrs Beetham and Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Nelson and Mr Lomax

Enter school in the morning: 8.50am EYFS play area top gate then via Year 1 class external door

Collection after school: 3.20pm Year 1 class external door then EYFS play area top gate


Year 2 Class - Key Information

Teacher: Mr Loynds

Teaching Assistant: Miss Hart

Enter school in the morning: 8.50am KS1 main door – line up on the feet markings

Collection after school: 3.20pm KS1 main door


Year 3 Class - Key Information

Teacher: Miss Lambert

Teaching Assistant: Miss Whittam

Enter school in the morning: 9.00am Line up along the field side of the KS1 yard then through KS2 door

Collection after school: 3.30pm Exit through KS2 door


Year 4 Class - Key Information

Teacher: Mrs Atkinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Whittaker

Enter school in the morning: 9.00am Enter KS2 play ground off the top side of Dean Street, line up where the shelter is on the KS1 yard then through KS2 door

Collection after school: 3.30pm Exit through KS2 door


Year 5 Class - Key Information

Teacher: Mrs Dixon

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stansfield and Miss Gallagher

Enter school in the morning: 8.50am Enter KS2 play ground off the top side of Dean Street, line up in front of the wooden play equipment then through KS2 door

Collection after school: 3.20pm Exit through KS2 door


Year 6 Class - Key Information

Teacher: Mrs Clark

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bottomley

Enter school in the morning: 8.50am Enter KS2 play ground off the top side of Dean Street, line up along the top railings then through KS2 door

Collection after school: 3.20pm Exit through KS2 door


Before and After School – Forest Friends Club

Breakfast and after school club will continue whilst the children and staff are socially distancing. However, the club will work in a different way.

To maintain social distancing in the club and to maintain bubbles effectively the children will stay in the dining hall space in Year groups at different tables.

The staff who cover the club will be the same people to maintain social distancing. The club will continue to entertain the children with a variety of activities.

Please notify Mrs Clay or the school office if your child will be attending breakfast and/or after school club.  Where possible we are asking parents to book the sessions they need a week in advance.



from 7:30am to 8:50am

  • arrive between 7:30am-8.20am - £4.50 including breakfast
  • arrive after 8:20am  - £2 no breakfast

After School Club

from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

  • £4 per hour.


Lunchtime clubs

Unfortunately, there will be no lunchtime clubs taking place in the Autumn term due to restrictions in class bubbles mixing and the need to socially distance where possible. Some children may be seen on a 1 to 1 basis by their class teacher or TA to help with wellbeing but this stays within the year group bubble during the lunch time period.

This will continue to be reviewed and will begin once Government Guidance is relaxed further and when as a school, we feel confident that we can provide this important provision.


School Meals

From September, the school kitchen team will be providing a packed lunch style dinner with choice of hot food tubs or sandwich with either fruit, yogurt, biscuit, bun, salad, crisps and water. 

For those children on universal school meals (YR, Y1 and Y2) and the children on free school meals we will be starting the year with the children receiving a school packed lunch. The children will be able to choose on a weekly basis what they want in their school packed lunch.

For the children in KS2 they will have a choice of a school packed lunch or a packed lunch from home. They must decide on the first day of term which packed lunch they are having and then not change for the half term.

Dinner times will be staggered to minimise contact between class year groups. 

Packed Lunches for classes will be in the KS1 hall, KS2 dining hall or in the classroom and members of the welfare team will supervise the children. This allows us to reduce the movement of children around school

Tables in the halls are arranged in rows and children shall sit shoulder to shoulder not face to face.  Year groups will not be mixed on tables and there will be gaps where needed. 

Children will sit at the tables to eat and remain at table until it is their time to go out. Children will not be allowed to swap places and a seating plan with names shall be recorded for each year group. 

If a KS2 child brings a named packed lunch from home please can it be in a wipeable small sized lunch bag or a named plastic box that you can easily sanitise on a daily basis. No rucksacks or handbags are allowed.


Snack for Playtime

If a child would like to bring in a small healthy snack for playtime this must be kept in their coat pocket or their tray in the classroom. It must not be kept in a lunch bag as these will only be accessible at lunchtimes.


After school activity clubs

Unfortunately, there will be no after school clubs taking place in the Autumn term due to restrictions in class year groups unable to mix and the need to socially distance where possible.

This will continue to be reviewed and the clubs will begin once Government Guidance is relaxed further and when, as a school, we feel confident that we can provide this important provision safely.


Teaching and learning

From September, the children will be working in class year group bubbles with their class teacher and member of support staff. 


The curriculum

Class bubbles will be taught a broad and balanced curriculum from September ensuring that all children develop their knowledge and understanding in the core, foundation and creative subjects.  Within the first two weeks, PSHRE will form a focus within the classroom re-establishing classroom expectations, routines and the creation of safe spaces for all children to learn and share experiences after what has been a long and on occasion worrying period of time.

Class teachers have a clear understanding of learning that will not have been taught during the school closure and shall use a range of assessment for learning techniques to enable children to make accelerated progress so they reach age related expectations at the end of the year. Teachers will focus on the core skills of Maths and English in other areas of the curriculum so the children can make greater progress in these areas.

All curriculum overviews for the subjects can be found on the school website.



We are committed to ensure that every child achieves the knowledge and skills to become life-long learners.  To ensure this, all children will have access to a range of intervention groups that are specifically tailored to address gaps within their knowledge or other potential barriers to learning.  Children to access these interventions will be decided by the class teacher upon consultation with the SENDCo and parents.

Interventions in the class year group bubbles will continue. This will target children to close the attainment gap for children in that class. None of these interventions will mix year group bubbles.

All interventions will take place in the classroom or allocated areas within school where social distancing measures can be adhered to as set out in the Governments guidelines.  Interventions will be led by school staff unless other arrangements have been discussed. 



Here at Trawden Forest Primary School we aim to maximise children’s learning through promoting good mental health and wellbeing throughout the school.  

We understand that some children may understandably be concerned or worried by what they’ve seen, read or heard in the news regarding coronavirus (Covid-19).  Some children may have also experienced loss during the lockdown period along with other traumatic events.

We need to be alert to and ask children what they are concerned or worried about and support them through this.

We need to minimise the negative impact it has on our children, explain the facts to them and provide practical support to allow them to make sense of their concerns and develop a way of coping.

For children returning to school in September, we have various interventions and support for children to access in order to promote their emotional wellbeing and build on resilience.  

If you would like further information or feel that your child may require emotional support for any reason please do not hesitate to contact the school office or your child’s class teacher to discuss the matter further.


Risk Assessment

Please follow the link to read the Risk Assessment completed for opening school in September 2020.  Please note that this risk assessment was completed in July 2020 and shared with all staff at that time.  The risk assessment takes into account the situation regarding Covid-19 that existed in July 2020 and the measures that were required to reopen school to all classes.

Since school closed in July, there have been developments with regard to Covid-19.  The risk assessment will be reviewed by school, shared with staff and an updated copy will be uploaded to the website when school reopens to pupils on 2nd September 2020.

Once school reopens in September 2020, this risk assessment will continue to be reviewed regularly to ensure that it reflects all measures required to keep pupils, families and staff safe.


School closure

If a local area sees a spike in infection rates that is resulting in localised community spread, appropriate authorities will decide which measures to implement to help contain the spread. The Department for Education will be involved in decisions at a local and national level affecting a geographical area, and will support appropriate authorities and individual settings to follow the health advice. 

If this is the case school will close for a period of time. During which home learning will continue via Seesaw.


Government Guidance and advice


Reopening School Documents