Meet Our School Council


I am called Imogen and I am seven years old and I’m in Year 2. I have recently got a Guinea pig called Marvin.


My Name is Ben and I am in Year 2. I am football mad! I play for Colne FC and I support Burnley FC. I also like playing on my X-box and doing my homework. My favourite lessons are maths, Topic and English. I also like going into the IT suite. I have been on the School Council from the start of the year and I like making decisions. One of our decisions was to save up for a School stage that we can fold in and out. We have thought of lots of ideas to afford the stage such as a second hand sale. I will miss being in School Council next year.


Hello! My name is Eva and I’m seven years old- nearly eight. A lot of my friends chose me for the School Council and I really appreciated this. We have chats at School Council how we can help make behaviour better and raise money. We are running stalls at the School Fair and there will be a book stall, toy stall and sweet stall.


My Name is Danish, I am eight years old and I am in Year 3. This year in School Council, we are putting on a Summer Fair with a toy stall and sweet stall.


Hi! My name is Zak and I’m in Year 4. I love football and support Burnley. I love being on School Council because I get to do fundraisings and make the school even better. I like making decisions and thinking of ways to raise money for a school stage.


Hi, I’m Sam and I am nine years old. I am the boy School Councillor for Year 5 and my favourite hobbies include playing football for my local team-Trawden Celtic and play golf with my grandad. I have two pet gerbils called Holly and Archie. I have a brother at University- he left home two months ago doing Business and Computing.


I’m Suzie! I am ten years old and enjoy swimming, gymnastics and dancing. I think I’m a good School Council rep because I always take part in the meetings and take part in fundraising.


Hello! My name is Eva and I am one of the four representatives of the Year 6 School Council. I have a lot of interests involving horses and other animals as I live around them.  Although I won’t be at this school for much longer, I still share my ideas with others on the Council and bring solutions to concerns.


Hi, my name is Marnie and I am a School Council representative for Year 6. My interests involve horses and many other animals. My aim in the Council is to make the days at school more enjoyable for everyone and helping others get along and express what they love to do whilst trying new things. We are currently investing in a new stage for all children to enjoy so if you enjoy acting and performing then this is for you!


Hello, my name is Kathryn: I’m one of the representatives of the School Council for Year 6. I enjoy doodling, reading and playing on Minecraft and Sims4. My favourite subjects are art and history but I also like Music. Our job on the Council so to help to make the school more enjoyable for student and although I won’t be here for much longer, I’m still keen to help and answer any questions that children might have. We are designing suggestion boxes which will be placed in each class for children to put ideas or concerns in and we will empty these regularly and discuss the findings.


School Council Tips for Behaviour - May 2017 (This works in conjunction with the school's behaviour policy)

  • Don't get involved. 
  • Don't take sides. 
  • Keep friends with everyone.
  • Don't bring toys into school. 
  • Know the rules of something before you do it. 
  • Get help early on if you see something getting out of control.
  • If you can't share the problem, please put it into the suggesstion box.  


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